Album 7

Virgil and Carl Blatt

Uncle Carl Blatt

Aunt Marie?

Jan 29, 2001 First get together
Good Looking?

"Better Looking?" with the inlaws

The Inlaws Complete the Family

Frank + Betty we miss you!

Where are you Frank

Oh - Really?

Fun! Fun!

It's time To Eat

"O.K. What's next?"

Who me


What's on the menu?

We Love Family

Happiness is "the 2 "B's"

"Hey I want in this picture"



Yea! You Believe That!


Smile, Say Cheese

Servers The 2 "D's" Debbie & Dave

Why so serious

Enjoying each other

Do we look happy?

Say What?

Who are the happy kids?

Lighten up [From Jeffrey: I did slightly :) ]

Mom + Dad and the Fabulous 12

Down on the Farm


Buying Mom shoes in Wheeling, WV "Happy Birthday"

Happy Birthday Dad 89 years

Feb 26, 2001 second get together

Having Fun!

Checking out the pictures! [album 3]

Who me?

Retirement is Great!

Lookin' Good

Happiness is Gene & Lena

Good picture Lee & Bonnie Ahh!

Wait till David sees this!

Darlene & Bonnie Neice & Aunt

Shirley I didn't say "pucker up" I said "say cheese"

Reading letter about Chuck

"Do you think we could have another beer?"

Five Sisters

Glad you're here

Hey you think the check is too much?

One for the road!

Fun, Fun, Fun. Enjoying Family

Are we having fun yet?

Tom up-staging siblings

happy days!

Inlaws & Outlaws

Mary, smile you're on Candid Camera

"Good Folks" Betty + Jerry

March 26, 2001 third get together

What are you talking about?

Aren't Family get togethers FUN!

Luke's here to see us!

I told you!...

"Hansome Inlaws!"

What's going on??

Ahhh Debbie!!

Happy Birthday Twins and Hubby's

Checking out the Cards!!

Male Bonding

Speak up

Terri-Did you have to steal the spotlight?

Mother (Dorthy) & Daughter (Teresa)

It's fun getting toghether!!!

And, now there's six

Life is good!

Who me? I didn't do it!

Great Family!

Our Monthly Luncheon

Looks like the same people as last month

Yes! We got two new people

You do a good job

Gene, where are the Marietta Tomatoes?

Are we done with pictures yet???